Lace Melt Band


How to Use

1. Glue or Gel your wig down as normal
2.  Open the velcro of our Lace melt band and place the band on the edges of the lace.
3. Adjust the band and close the velcro to your preference, so it is comfortable and firm.
4. Whilst you style the rest of your hair or even do you make up, allow the band to work its magic for at least 5-10 minutes. The longer you leave the band on the better.
5. Undo the velcro and slowly remove the band from the hairline.

How to wash

Hand wash with warm soapy water.
Don’t scrub the printing part to avoid peeling off
Air-Dry away from direct sunlight


Our Lace melt band is made precise to hairline size to achieve an perfect and seamless melt of your Lace frontal/ Closure wigs.

Our Lace melt band is a stretchy band with adjustable Velcro.
One size fits all!


Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg


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